General Slot Features

If you loved playing slot games on casinos, you might be surprised that there exist hundreds of online slot machines already. Yes, you can play online slot machines at home and thanks to online transactions, winning can be as easy as turning on the computer.

Slot machines have been a classic segment of casinos. You can play on your own, risk on your own, and the best of all, win everything on your own. Today, you’d be surprised to that there are many features in slot machines that further enhance your earnings.

The Wild Symbol
Slot machine symbols are normal, bonus, scatter or wild. A wild symbol is like a joker in the deck of cards. It assumes the same symbol as to the rest of the combination in a payline to help you win. This is crucial for those who have already combined most of the symbols and got the wild symbol on the last. It saves you.

The Scatter
Scatter is a symbol that is different from the normal symbol but not a wild symbol. It is a symbol that can be paired up with another scatter symbol. In the traditional slot machines, it usually takes the form of fruits. Once you match three or more of these, then you get a prize. It doubles your chance of winning, as you won’t rely on the normal symbols to win anymore. Slot machines that offer longer paylines does the trick to optimize wins with scatter features.

The Free Spin Feature
This one is a fairly new feature where you are given a free round or spin to win. It’s triggered randomly by a scatter symbol combination. It’s good to note that the money you invested on that round where you had the free spin, can be the amount doubled once you win the free round. Thus, you win for free. There’s also this added feature where free spin can trigger another free spin, allowing you to win consecutively. Although a rare instance, this actually adds excitement to the game.

Bonus Features
Bonus features on online slot machines are almost limitless. It could range from a number of multiple free spins and even to an entirely different game. Slot machines may have a theme on them, which the bonus games are most likely based. Imagine a soccer themed slot machine, where you shoot balls on net to win more prizes.

What’s great about the bonus feature is that allows you to get the greatest amount of cash. Players who are able to play bonus games are certainly lucky.

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